PTC February 2021 Minutes

Minutes of the virtual Planning & Transport Committee on Thursday 18 February at 7pm.


Present: Councillors Gilbert, Shinkins-Hoppe, Hardy, Lilley, Robinson, Hosking, Stevens, Thomas.

A member of the public attended.


Julie Fortnum, Parish Clerk and Louise Brown, Assistant Clerk


81.21  To receive apologies of absence.

Councillor Bowell


82.21  To receive declarations of interest, if any.

Councillor Shinkins-Hoppe advised that she is known to the applicants of Planning Application S20/0189.


83.21  To agree the Minutes of the previous meeting held on 21 January 2021.

The Minutes were agreed as a true representation and will be signed and returned by Councillor Shinkins-Hoppe.


84.21  To receive reports from the Clerk.

An email with photographs was sent to the Principal Development Management Officer at LCC, requesting for appropriate hazard signage to be placed nearby to the blind bend at 72 Church Street, DSJ and also at the bend next to the Co-Op on the corner of Horsegate and Spalding Road based upon the difficult visibility for driving in these areas.

The Principal Development Management Officer at LCC responded advising that the Church Street application has already been granted permission and in this instance,  there is nothing further that they can do.  The information has however, been passed on to Highways to consider. 

Councillor Shinkins-Hoppe confirmed that Deeping St James United Charities were happy to have signage placed at Riverside Park should the need arise.


Further information was sought with regard to Deeping St James Parish Councils input and boundaries in street naming from South Kesteven District Council.  The Street Naming and Numbering Officer at SKDC sent two documents one stating that it is not a statutory requirement for Parish Councils to be consulted and the second provided information on Street Naming Procedure.


85.21  To consider the Planning Policy Consultations.

Two documents were circulated before the meeting:


Planning Policy Draft Design Guidelines for Rutland and South Kesteven

Councillor Shinkins-Hoppe advocated that this is a good policy that should be read by all of the Planning Committee giving guidelines for the developers.  Sections 4 & 5 are especially relevant, offering the legislation that must be followed to prevent adverse, poor plans from being produced.


Planning Policy Draft Statement of Community Involvement 2021.

It was discussed that this document should be kept to hand, as it explains the whole planning process and is very useful.  A response has been prepared for South Kesteven District Council and will be sent when ready.


86.21  To receive and consider the following Planning Applications and put forward recommendations to the next Council Meeting, or make decisions in accordance with the Committee’s delegated powers:






 Land off Linchfield Road 

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8TA

 Amended Plans

 Reserved matters application for approval of   details relating to landscaping, layout,   appearance and scale (phase 2), in connection   with outline residential development of up to 145   dwellings with primary access off Linchfield   Road and secondary access off Burchnall Close   and associated works.

 DSJPC – Objects (Please see notes at end of   table below).


 39 Lady Margaret’s Avenue

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8TQ

 Amended Plans

 Erection of single storey garage

 DSJPC - Noted


 70 Crowson Way

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8EY

 Conversion of existing garage.

 DSJPC – Approved under delegated powers.


 Broadgate House

 72 Church Street

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8HD

 Submission of details reserved by condition 3   (roof materials) for ref S18/2176 (Demolition of   existing offices and warehouse, erection of six   dwellings and change of use to site of   residential) for roof tiles for plots 1, 3 and 5.

 DSJPC – Noted changes


 8 Eastgate

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8HJ

 Erection of single storey rear extension.

 DSJPC – Approved under delegated powers.


 11 Tooley Way

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8

 Two storey extension to the rear of the dwelling.

 DSJPC – Approved under delegated powers.


 Priory Church

 Church Street

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8HD

 Remove Oak Tree (Churchgate Tree)

 (Tree in CA – Section 211 Notice)

 DSJPC - Supported


 98A Bridge Street

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8HA

 Proposed front boundary wall and external   lighting.

 DSJPC – Approved under delegated powers.



An invitation has been received to participate in a Public Speaking Consultation for S20/1235, where Councillor Shinkins-Hoppe is booked speak; Councillor Stevens also suggested that she would be interested in representing too.  There are huge concerns regarding the residential development.  Councillor Shinkins-Hoppe has approached Deeping St James United Charities to obtain a copy of the document formed with the Developer, promising various things such as a car parking space allocated per bedroom, which have not materialised.

A response has been drafted and sent to all Councillors for thoughts to be collated and amended.


87.21  To report the outcome of previous Planning Applications:






 66 Towning Close

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8HR

 Erection of garage

 DSJPC – Approved under delegated powers.

 SKDC – Grants Planning Permission


 86 Church Street

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8HD

 Demolition of existing single-storey garage,   erection of garage to the rear of the site.

 DSJPC – Welcomed Application

 SKDC – Grants Planning Permission


 20 Park Road

 Deeping St James

 PE6 8ND

 Single storey extension to rear of dwelling.

 DSJPC – Approved under delegated powers.

 SKDC – Grants Planning Permission


88.21  To agree the date of the next meeting.


The next meeting is due to take place on the 18 March 2021 at 7pm.