The Deeping St James Parish Council is made up of fifteen elected members - comprising the Chair, Vice-Chair and 13 members - all unpaid volunteers who work for the benefit of the community and all local residents. The Parish Council is fully accountable and subject to detailed audit.

The Parish Council employs five paid part-time members of staff; the Clerk, the Assistant Clerk and there is a team of three Maintenance Workers.

Meetings of the Deeping St James Parish Council are held at The Institute, 38 Church Street, Deeping St James, PE6 8HD. Residents may attend Full Council meetings and can speak briefly on village matters at the commencement of the meeting in the Open Forum..

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Many people often don’t know which of their three councils can help them when they have a problem. Is it Parish Council, South Kesteven District Council, or Lincolnshire County Council?  Below is a simple guide to let you know which Council provides which main service to you:

Deeping St James Parish Council is responsible for: 

  • Various Play equipment in playareas
  • Woody Heights - Skate Park
  • Riverside Grass cutting
  • Millennium Wood
  • Cemetery                 
  • Bus shelters
  • Dog bins
  • Litter picking
  • Allotments

South Kesteven District Council is responsible for:

  • Social Housing
  • Local Planning
  • Building Control
  • Environmental Health       
  • Collection of Council Tax
  • Refuse Collection
  • Street Cleaning
  • Leisure & Recreation
  • Electoral Registration
  • Licensing
  • Land Charges
  • Pest Control

Lincolnshire County Council is responsible for:

  • Education
  • Social Services
  • Highways (roads and pavements)
  • Public Footpaths
  • Street Lighting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Trading Standards
  • Refuse Disposal
  • Libraries
  • Economic Development
  • Community Safety