AFOS June 2021 Agenda

Dear Councillors Bowell, Fowler, Hall, Halls, Rose, Robinson, Stevens (District), Thomas and Dilks (District). 

Councillors Gilbert and Shinkins-Hoppe ex-officio voting members

Assistant Clerk Louise Brown.


You are hereby summonsed to attend the next meeting of the Allotments, Footpaths and Open Spaces Committee on Thursday 17 June 2021 at 8:00pm at the Institute.




01.22              To elect a Chairperson.


02.22              To receive apologies for absence.


03.22              To receive declarations of interest, if any.


04.22              To adopt the minutes of the meeting held Monday 26 April 2021.

Please see Appendix 1.


05.22              To receive reports from the Clerk.

Water tanks at plot 5 and 57 both are leaking.  A maintenance worker has been advised,

he has been to view and is in the process of fixing them.  It has been asked if the

problems could be reported as soon as it is spotted, as a float was broken on

this occasion in someone else’s attempt to fix it. A further problem regarding a tank has

been mentioned, but not yet reported as to where the problem is.


An email was sent to the tenant wishing to keep bees with a local farmers details for them to approach if they wished.


A letter was sent to the tenant who consistently parks inconsiderately; nothing has been heard back, but it appears that it has had an effect so far.


An allotment inspection was held on 28 May 2021 where a general email was sent praising tenants on the positive state of their plots, asking people to be aware of the weeds, to pick up any laying wood to prevent rats from nesting and to clear the boundaries of there plots of wood/storage bags/weeds.


There are 22 plots that have been requested to give their plots further attention.

A Working Party has been requested to help the tenant  for plot 30B, Cllr Thomas will ask Rotary if they can help.


Cllr’s Bowell and Halls have agreed to meet with the tenant on plot 12A, to discuss what if anything can be done to help him retain his plot.


06.22              To receive and discuss the report from the Allotments Association and

make any recommendations to Council.

Please see Appendix 2.




07.22.            To discuss the offer from SKDC to gift Jubilee Park to the Council.

Please see Appendix 3


08.22              To consider providing bulbs and a tree to replace a tree that was

previously removed in Wade Park Avenue, behind the school.


09.22             To receive an update on rewilding on the green space at Fraser Close.



10.22.            To agree the wording of the amendments to the Tenancy Agreement.

Please see Appendix 4


11.22.            To discuss ideas for using the planters at the Allotment Site.


12.22              To receive an update regarding repairs to Car Park and roads at the



13.22.            To agree date of next meeting.

23 September 2021