AFOS April 2021 Agenda

Dear Councillors Bowell, Fowler, Hall, Halls, Robinson, Stevens (District), Thomas and Dilks (District).

Councillors Gilbert and Shinkins-Hoppe ex-officio voting members


You are hereby summonsed to attend the next meeting of the Allotments, Footpaths and Open Spaces Committee on Monday 26 April 2021 at 8:00pm using the virtual meeting code and password below:  


Join Zoom Meeting 


Meeting ID: 978 6955 4949

Passcode: 396501




42.20              To receive apologies for absence.


43.20              To receive declarations of interest, if any.


44.20              To adopt the minutes of the meeting held Thursday 21 January 2021.

Please see appendix 1.


45.20              To receive reports from the Clerk.

Water tank at plot 63 and various stop cocks replaced.  It appears that the water tank has been overflowing and a maintenance worker has been back to attend to it.

Allotment Training has been undertaken by Christine and Louise, notes have previously been forwarded to all committee members.

Andrew, Christine and Louise Attended Allotments Assoc AGM.  Notes were sent out to all.

A litter pick email was sent to tenants advising them that a litter pick had happened at the allotments and to ask them to monitor and manage any rubbish seen; advice was also offered for standing wood vertically to help prevent rats nesting.


46.20              To receive and discuss the report from the Allotments Association and make any recommendations to Council.

Please see appendix 2.


47.20              To receive an update regarding repairs to Car Park and roads at the Allotments.


48.20              To discuss the possibility of keeping bees at the allotments.

See appendix 3.


49.20              What further action should be taken against the Tenant that continues to park inconsiderately?

The tenant has received a final letter asking him not to park on the access roads, and suggesting further action will be taken if he continues to do so. Further breaches of this tenancy clause have been seen, and a complaint has been received. 

The tenant regards the final letter as a hollow threat. Does the Council want to be seen to allow tenants to breach clauses in the tenancy agreement as they wish?


50.20              To discuss proposed changes to the Tenancy Agreement regarding:

Tenants Insurance

Size of structures built on the site. Do we wish to clarify maximum sizes?

The use of bonfires on the plots.

The use of poison for rats at the allotments.


51.20              Dates of the next meetings to be decided –

June 2021 and September 2021