YCC February 2019 Minutes

Deeping St James Parish Council

The Institute, 38 Church Street, Deeping St James, Peterborough PE6 8HD

e-mail: clerk.dsjpc@btconnect.com

Tel: 01778 343266


Parish Clerk: Julie Fortnum


The Minutes of the Youth & Community Committee held on 14 February 2019 at 7.00pm in the meeting room at the Institute.

Present: Councillors Blessett, Hall and Shinkins-Hoppe and Councillor Bowell as ex-officio member. The minutes were taken by the Parish Clerk.


11.19 To receive apologies of absence.

All present


12.19 To receive declarations of interest if any.

None received


13.19 To agree the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 27 September 2019.

Agreed and signed as a true copy


14.19 To provide an update about the installation of safety surfaces and improvements to play equipment at 3 sites.

The Clerk confirmed safety surfaces were installed on 23 January 2019 under the Playhouse and Swinging bars at Jubilee Park, under the Monkey bars at Woody Heights and under the A-frame climb-over and shop panel at Hereward Way. New legs had also been put on the shop panel at Jubilee Park and Hereward Way and traversing holds had been attached to the Aframe climb-over at Hereward Way. A number of positive comments had been received about the improvements. As not all the equipment and surfaces within the parks are owned and therefore are the responsibility of the Parish Council the Clerk was asked to speak to South Kesteven District Council about concerns that had been raised regarding the surfaces under some of their equipment.


15.19 To provide an update about the outdoor gym equipment handed over to the parish council by the Friends of Jubilee Park.

The outdoor gym equipment, the funding for which had been sourced by the Friends of Jubilee Park, was installed on 7 February 2019 and was now the responsibility of the Parish Council to insure and maintain. A number of positive comments had been received about this equipment and an official opening event was being planned to thank the funders.


16.19 To receive an update about the installation of an electricity supply and CCTV on the parks.

Discussions are still ongoing with regard to this.


17.19 To consider the requirements for the Summer play scheme 2019.

Proposals for the play scheme have been requested and when received will be considered by Council


18.19 To consider what to include in the DSJPC strategic plan.

Councillor Bowell advised that he was working on the format of this document which required input from each committee. It was agreed that as well as the continued maintenance and possible enhancement of the current play equipment the plan needed to take into account the need to provide further play equipment especially if the parish council intended to take on the responsibility of areas of open space from South Kesteven District Council. Councillor Bowell was asked to provide a map to his contact at SKDC clearly showing which areas the Parish Council were interested in. It was also agreed that taking over the responsibility of all the play equipment in the parks from SKDC should also be investigated.


20.19 To agree the date of the next meeting.

7pm on Thursday 12 September 2019 (subject to change