ECC March 2019 Minutes

Deeping St James Parish Council

The Institute, 38 Church Street, Deeping St James, Peterborough PE6 8HD


Tel: 01778 343266


Parish Clerk: Julie Fortnum


The minutes of the Events Committee held at 7pm on Thursday 7 March 2019 in the meeting room at the Institute.

Present: Councillors Bowell, Green, Hall, Halls, Stevens and Thomas.

The Parish Clerk took the minutes.


17.19 To receive apologies of absence.

None received


18.19 To receive declarations of interest.

None received


19.19 To agree the minutes of previous meeting held on Thursday 17 January 2019.

Agreed and signed.


20.19 To receive a report of progress in relation to matters arising from the minutes not dealt with elsewhere on the agenda.

Nothing to report.


21.19 To receive an update about the Jubilee Park outdoor gym equipment trim trail official opening and handover event and finalise what is required from the Parish Council.

This will be held at 10.30am on Saturday 23 March 2019. The Friends of Jubilee Park are inviting all the funders and some local residents. They have also purchased a gazebo which they will use at the event. It was agreed that the Parish Council would provide and serve refreshments from the Parish Council Gazebo as well as providing the PA System for use at the event. Permission to hold this would be obtained by the Parish Council as they would provide the insurance cover for the event.


22.19 To consider and agree when and how the Parish Council will be involved in the Great British Spring Clean 2019 taking place between 22 March and 23 April

It was agreed that the Parish Council should organise a litter picking event at 10am on Sunday 7 April 2019. The Clerk was asked to prepare a poster to promote this event, advise the Welland River Trust who had expressed an interest in being involved, ensure there were sufficient litter pickers, bags and disposable gloves available, prepare a list of areas that needed to be targeted and some health and safety/risk awareness advice to be read out prior to the event and also to advise the insurance company that this event was being organised.


23.19 To receive an update and agree what else if anything is required to be organised in relation to the annual parish meeting due to be held on Tuesday 23 April 2019.

The Clerk confirmed that the venue and refreshments were booked and that short presentations would be received from South Kesteven District Council Arts Officer, Michael Cross, The Deepings Community Library, The Deepings Youth Group and The Police volunteer group. The Chairman of the Parish Council would chair the meeting and say a few words about the role of the parish council, explain how to make contact with the Councillors and office staff and take any questions from those present. A photographer had been booked and The Stamford Mercury had been informed of the event. The Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire would be presenting the making a difference awards and saying a few words about his role and the Chairman of South Kesteven District Council, Councillor Chivers would say a few closing words. It was also agreed that a list of making a difference nominations would be provided to all attendees along with the agenda and that group photos would be taken rather than individual ones. Musical entertainment was still being sourced.


24.19 To receive an update and agree where to hold the buffets after the footpath walks which are to be held on 6 June, 4 July and 23 July 2019

The Clerk confirmed that buffet prices had been obtained from three local hostelries and it was agreed that the Clerk should book the refreshments for after the footpath walks at The Walnut Tree on Horsegate Deeping St James.


25.19 To consider and agree the Parish Council’s involvement in the bark in the park event scheduled to the take place on Sunday 16 June 2019

The Friends of Jubilee Park had agreed to hold this event on Father’s Day again as it had worked very well last year. Permission for the event would be obtained by the Parish Council as they would provide insurance cover for the event. The Parish Council gazebo would be erected at this event and also the Rose and Sweetpea Show, The Deepings Carnival, The Deepings Raft Race, and The Deepings Duck Race as this had been a successful way of engaging with the community when done last year. The Clerk was asked to enquire about borrowing or hiring a large ‘buzzer game’ to attract people into the gazebo and if unsuccessful to price up the purchase of one or enquire as to whether one could be made locally.


26.19 To receive an update, agree whether to hold and who to invite to a buffet in December 2019.

This event was intended to be a community buffet to network with and thank all those nominated for a making a difference award and other volunteer groups in the Parish.

As stated above the Clerk had obtained buffet prices from local Hostelries. Deeping Rugby Union Football Club had also been contacted and had confirmed that the venue could be used with a charge for two bar staff being applicable. The alternative was to hire the meeting room at The Institute and provide food and drinks.

It was agreed to Recommend to the Council that such an event was organised and if resolved to agree when and where to hold it.


27.19 To agree the date of the next meeting.

7pm on Thursday 30 May 2019 (subject to change)