YCC September 2018 Minutes

Deeping St James Parish Council

The Institute, 38 Church Street, Deeping St James, Peterborough PE6 8HD

e-mail: clerk.dsjpc@btconnect.com

Tel: 01778 343266


Parish Clerk: Julie Fortnum


The minutes of the meeting of the Youth & Community Committee on 27 September 2018 at 6.45pm in the meeting room at the Institute.

Present: Councillors Blessett, Hall, Shinkins-Hoppe, and Ward

The Parish Clerk took the minutes.

1.19 To elect a Chairperson.

It was proposed and seconded that Councillor Shinkins-Hoppe should remain the Chairperson. All agreed.


2.19 To receive apologies of absence.

Apologies had been received and were accepted from Councillor Bowell.


3.19 To receive declarations of interest if any.

None declared.


4.19 To agree the minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 19 April 2018

Agreed and signed as a true copy.


5.19 Clerks report.

The independent play equipment inspections took place on 12 June 2018 and a number of low/medium level risks were noted – corrosion, flaking paint, algae, loose fittings, damage to timber and soil erosion. Most of these can be dealt with in-house by the parish council’s maintenance worker. The heightened fencing around the multi uses games area has been installed and it is reducing the incidences of footballs entering the School playing field. However, there is still evidence that individuals are tampering with the fencing as there are some bolts that have been removed. The Maintenance Worker will continue to monitor this The Maintenance Worker continues to collect litter and clean minor graffiti from the wheeled sports facility however on the whole the users are respecting the facility and it continues to attract a large number of users of all ages from a wide area.

The Clerk is still sourcing some poles to be installed on the green space at Woody Heights to use as goal posts.

The play-scheme held at Tree house before and after School Club at Lichfield Community Primary School from Monday 13 August 2018 to Friday 24 August 2018 from 9.30am until 12noon (10 sessions) was another success with spaces being filled within days, a waiting list forming and lots of positive feedback being received

Councillor Simkins-Hoppe and the Parish Clerk met with representatives from Crowland Parish Council on Thursday 6 September 2018 as they are hoping to install a skatepark.

Photos of two cracks that had appeared in the concrete at the skate park had been forwarded to the supplier requesting that they arrange to repair them.


6.19 To receive feedback from the 2018 playscheme and consider future playscheme allocations and availability

Both Councillor Shinkins-Hoppe and the Clerk had visited the play-scheme which was well organised and well attended. It was agreed that next year the Parish Council should promote the play-scheme at the same time as the School running it promotes it internally within the two Schools in the Parish to allow those not attending DSJ Schools the same opportunity to apply for places. In 2019 both Schools would be approached for a proposal to run the play scheme and a then a decision would be made on which one to use.


7.19 To consider the play equipment inspection reports which took place in June 2018 and consider the quotations received for the installation of soft play surfaces under some of the parish councils play equipment

These had been reviewed and the risks, which were all low to medium, prioritised. The Parish Council’s Maintenance Worker had been tasked to most of them and 4 companies had been approached to provide quotes to lay soft play surfaces around some of the equipment to remove the biggest risk- soil erosion and strimmer damage to the equipment. Only 2 quotes had been obtained and it was agreed to recommend to full council that the lower of the two should be accepted and the work should be arranged to be completed as soon as possible.


8.19 To receive a budget report on the position to date and outturn estimates for the financial year 2018/19.



9.19 To consider budget estimates for the financial year 2019/20 and make recommendations to the finance and general purposes committee

Grounds Maintenance - £2000

Miscellaneous repairs - £1500

Play-scheme - £6500

Improvements to play equipment - £10000


10.19 To agree the date of the next meeting

It was agreed that the Clerk would arrange a date February or March 2019.