November 2020 Agenda

Deeping St James Parish Council

The Institute, 38 Church Street, Deeping St James, PE6 8EP E-mail: Tel: 01778 343266

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Parish Clerk: Julie Fortnum


Dear Parish Councillors Bowell, Dilks (District), Fowler, Gilbert, Hall, Halls, Hardy, Hosking, Kornfeld, Lilley, Robinson, Shinkins-Hoppe, Stevens (District) and Thomas (District). Copy to County Councillor Dobson.

You are hereby summonsed to attend the next meeting of Deeping St James Parish Council which will be held on Thursday 26 November 2020 at 7.30 pm using the virtual meeting code and password below:

Meeting ID: 989 9552 1442 Passcode: 050574

There will be an open forum, including a five-minute report from the Police and any County/District Councillors present, lasting a maximum of thirty minutes to permit residents to address the Parish Council before the meeting is formally opened, which will be at the closing of the open forum or at 8.00pm, whichever is the sooner.

The business to be dealt with at the meeting is listed in the agenda below.

Julie Fortnum

Parish Clerk



86.21 To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Parish Clerk prior to the meeting.

87.21 To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Members’ Register of Interests.

88.21 To approve the minutes of the previous meeting held on Thursday 29 October 2020.

89.21 To receive the Clerk’s report.

90.21 Financial matters

1. To receive the minutes and consider any recommendations from the finance and general purposes committee meeting held on Thursday 19 November 2020.

2. To approve the payments for November 2020.

3. To note the income received in November 2020.

4. To consider the grant application received from the Priory Hall Trust in respect of costs respect of the recent work to the Prince of Wales Oak and the proposed installation of railings.

91.21 Planning matters

1. To receive the minutes and consider any recommendations from the planning and transport committee held on Thursday 19 November 2020.

2. To note that a planning application (S20/1952) has been required to reduce height of conifer hedging to 6 feet, remove one pine tree, remove self-set sycamore and elder trees due to the Cemetery being within the conservation area.

92.21 To receive and consider correspondence.

93.21 To receive and consider minutes and recommendations of committees, reports from advisory committees, members reports from external bodies, members reports of meetings, seminars, training and events attended on the Council’s behalf:

1. To receive an update from the Northern Footpaths Forum Group about the Welland Footbridge Project - Appendix

2. Attendance by Councillors at Remembrance events held on 1 November, 8 November, 11 November and 15 November 2020

3. Attendance by the Assistant Clerk on Council policies and procedures training via zoom on 10 & 11 November 2020

4. Attendance by the Parish Clerk, Assistant Clerk and Councillor Shinkins-Hoppe on local Highways role in the planning process training via zoom on Monday 23 November 2020

5. Meeting on Tuesday 24 November 2020 with an Officer from SKDC to confirm the exact location of the railings when the Cemetery is extended so as to comply with health and safety requirements in respect of the play equipment and to formalise the arrangement for SKDC to use the reduced section as a play area. Attended by the Parish Clerk, two Maintenance staff and the Chair of the Cemetery committee, Councillor Thomas

94.21 To receive the response from the consultation regarding the installation of the flagpole on Jubilee Park and to consider the next steps.

95.21 To receive the second opinion and quotation for work on the Oak Tree on the green at Churchgate and consider the next steps.

96.21 To consider the timescale for receipt of reports to be considered at a council meeting.

97.21 To consider the application received for the Co-option vacancy.

98.21 Parish Pump – items for information of inclusion on future agenda.